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  • Company Secretarial Services for Listed Companies

  • Going public no doubt symbolizes the capability and profitability that the company has achieved. However along with the additional funding, the company would be exposed to the ever-changing and stringent compliance requirements, whether it is the Securities and Futures Ordinance, the Listing Rules, the Laws of Hong Kong or the respective jurisdictions, or the Codes on Takeovers and Mergers and Share Repurchases.

    At BMI Corporate Services, we offer a comprehensive range of company secretarial services for listed companies in Hong Kong that may be categorized into three levels:

    Basic Filings

    As bound by the Companies Ordinance, listed companies in Hong Kong, likewise as Hong Kong private companies, are exposed to continual reporting obligations to filing of returns with regulatory and governmental bodies in Hong Kong. Our company secretarial services for basic filings requirements include:
    • Preparation and filing of monthly return to the Stock Exchange
    • Preparation and filing of statutory returns to the Companies Registry

    Interval Reports and Other Ongoing Maintenance

    As required by the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Main Board listed companies are required to release their (1) preliminary interim results announcement within 2 months and relevant report within 3 months after the period end, and (2) preliminary annual results announcement within 3 months and relevant report within 4 months after the year end. While Growth Enterprise Market listed companies are required to release their (1) preliminary quarterly/interim results announcement and relevant report within 45 days after the period/interim end, and (2) preliminary annual results announcement and relevant report within 3 months after the year end.

    In assisting our clients to fully comply with the increasingly complex rules and disclosure requirements, while meeting the stringent deadlines upheld by the Stock Exchange, and still acting within their budgets, our company provides the following company secretarial services:
    • Preparation and publication of annual, interim and quarterly results announcements and reports
    • Preparation of circulars and public announcements
    • Preparation of share repurchase and issuance mandates
    • Liaison with the Stock Exchange and regulatory bodies on disclosure requirements
    • Convening, facilitating and attending board and general meetings and preparation of chairman's scripts and minutes thereof
    • Preparing the notification of interests in shares of listed issuers (DI Forms)
    • Advising on the Corporate Governance issues

    Special Events

    Whether it is pre-listing restructuring exercises or it is post-listing corporate financing, streamlining and reorganization of share capital, all will require the due care and expertise in the relevant laws and rules. Our teams of experts deliver the best quality of company secretarial services to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met and our company secretarial services for special events include:
    • Placing, allotment and repurchase of shares
    • Rights issue, bonus issue and issue of warrants and options
    • Subdivision, consolidation and reclassification of shares
    • Script dividend scheme and share option scheme
    • Change of directors, officers, auditors and financial year end dates
    • Privatization projects